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Stair With white 2px border

Stair With white 2px border

How to create a border around a photo with Lightroom.

Here are the steps:

  1. Export jpg with border in Lightroom
  2. Goto the Print module (Ctrl+P)
  3. Click on Page Setup…
  4. Select XPS Writer, paper size and orientation:
  5. Select Custom Package in the Layout Style section
  6. Drag your photo from the filmstrip to the canvas
  7. Set the border width and colour
  8. Drag the top-left handle to the edge of the paper so that the image fills the paper
  9. Do the same for the bottom-right corner. The image should completely cover the canvas.
  10. You can use Ctrl+Drag (the cursor changes to a hand) to reposition the image on the canvas if the aspect ration of the image doesn’t match the aspect ration of the paper (or you can select a custom paper size).
  11. Select the desired print job settings (Print to: JPEG File)
  12. Please note that the File Resolution determines the jpeg dimensions 200 ppi created a 2338 x 1652 pixels jpeg and 90 ppi created a 1052 x 743 pixels jpeg.
  13. And click Print to File… and give the file a name. Job done.

A file with images can be found here: