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It’s actually a view from Pennyfine Road towards Newcastle. The Tyne will be underneath the clouds somewhere. I liked the gaps in the clouds and the sharp sunlight. I did not clone out the annoying electricity lines. Maybe someday.

Fog on the Tyne

Fog on the Tyne

The usual Black & white conversion process was used in Photoshop.

  1. Copy background layer
  2. Add new adjustment layer for Black & White conversion. Increased Red and Yellow, reduced opposite colours
  3. Added new adjustment layer for Levels and increased contrast
  4. Copied background layer again and dragged it to the top. Applied High Pass filter on low setting and set layer mode to Overlay to add sharpness in the right places
  5. Add a new layer 50% grey and blend mode Overlay, then dodge and burn with soft brush on low opacity
  6. Save and then flattened layers and applied denoise filter
  7. Save for web as Jpeg with 80 quality

That’s it. Comments welcome.