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Total Commander Tip of the Day #2

Navigating folders

Total Commander makes it very easy to quickly navigate folders.

Look at the screen for this area:

Navigation buttons



  1. \              or Ctrl+\               go back to the root folder
  2. ..             or Ctrl+PgUp      one level up
  3. *             or Ctrl+D              show favourites
  4.            or Alt+Down      show history

You can also go through the history (like a browser) using Alt+Left and Alt+Right. To select a specific folder you can either double click on it or select it (use single click or up/down keys) and use Enter.

Do the same on the top entry brings you one level up.

Using a tree

You can also use a folder tree structure in two different ways. One is to replace one pane with the tree using Show->Tree or Ctrl+F8. Use Ctrl+F2 to switch back to full view (See Show menu).

The other way is to add trees to the panes using Show->Separate Tree or Ctrl+Shift+F8 and cycle through none, one or two trees.