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Total Commander Tip of the Day #5

Your daily Total Commander tip (or as often as I can be bothered).

Renaming a single file/folder is easily done by either the mouse using a long click, or the keyboard using Shift+F6.

Total Commander - Rename single file

The file can be renamed, confirm with either Enter or click the tick box on the right. Escape cancels the rename.

If multiple files are selected then Shift+F6 renames all files. You can use wildcards to change files from *.jpg to *.original.jpg.

You can rename individual files one after the other using the tickbox as shown below.

Total Commander - Rename separate files

But to go one step further and put your renaming on EPO, use the Multi-Rename Tool (File-> Multi-Rename Tool… or Ctrl+M).

Total Commander - Multi-Rename Tool

In the example below it’s very easy to add an extra ‘0’ to the numbering system of the jpg’s. Remove the [N], add a [N#-#], a 0 (zero) and another [N#-#] like the example below. Clicking on [N#-#] Range button allows you to select a part of the name to make it easier than just typing it in.

Total Commander - Multi-Rename Set rename mask

Hit Enter or the Start! Button and you’re done. A real time saver. You can also add counters, date and time stamps etc. and even save you settings if you want to do similar renames again.