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Searching Basics

Alt+F7 or Command->Search opens the ‘Find Files’ dialog box.

Noteworthy in the example below is the use of multiple wildcards and folders to search in using the semicolon.

Total Commander - Searching BasicsThe dialog box also not only remembers the criteria but also the results (although the ‘Search in’ field only contains the current folder as selected in the active pane in Total Commander. In the example above only files are shown with matching text inside files.

To view any of the files, select it and use F3 or View button. Note that pressing F3 again while viewing the file highlights the searched for text. Use Escape to quickly close the viewer.

Double click, enter or the ‘Go to file’ button selects the file in the current active pane.

‘Feed to listbox’ opens the search results in the active pane so they can be used as if the search results where all in a single folder. Useful is you want to copy them to a single location, delete or even get the file names to the clipboard using Ctrl+A to select them all and then use Mark->Copy

Names With Path To Clipboard. To go back to the folder contents that you had before you selected ‘Feed to listbox’ I usually use Alt+Left and then Alt+Right.